Quality policy

Quality policy:
Meet customer's needs with quality and service,
Customer first, service first, comprehensive quality control, continuous improvement, and continuously meet the customer demand for quality policy guidelines, combined with the company's mission and vision. The value of the enterprise, establish the quality policy, to guide the company to carry out the work, to provide customers with high quality and high efficiency. The security service, based on the quality of work the company, facing the market, to reflect the company '' professional attitude towards customers, the professional skills of customer service, customers' business style moved to professional spirit.
Quality policy:
1., in manufacturing technology should continue to research and development, quality control in order to be absolutely rigorous.
2., provide quality products, more than customer quality requirements.
3. customer service oriented to meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction.
4. research and develop new technologies and productivity to meet customer's future requirements
5. comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, follow and comply with international standards trends.
6., to promote "high-value" strategy to become "quality and quantity of both the plastic hair.".
7., from after-sales service to pre-sales services, to become "service of plastic hair.".
8., abide by the contract delivery date and quantity, because delayed delivery can cause customers to stop production, leading to serious losses.
9. compared with competitors in the region, our product prices are most reasonable, even if our prices are not the lowest, but our quality is better, customers are willing to accept
10. always keep in touch with customers and keep abreast of their needs
11, we are in partnership with our customers. If the customer has urgent / add / production transfer, we should treat them with sympathy and help as much as possible
12. always exceed or meet customer's quality requirements on customer's request.