EHS policy

Environmental protection, safety, health and sustainable management
 Plastic industry is engaged in the industry, the main raw materials from all over the world, after continuous automation process polymerization into products, transportation and marketing around the world. Plastic industry has always attached importance to environmental protection and labor safety and health. Every year, at the beginning of construction, pollution control and safety and sanitation measures were carried out simultaneously. In order to further improve the environmental quality, safeguard the safety and health of the living environment, ensure the sustainable development of enterprises, industrial plastic more established environment and occupation health and safety management committee, the full implementation of the environment / occupation health and safety management system, therefore, the plastic industry promised in the company's products, activities and services in the process, for the waste, waste gas, waste water, toxic chemical substances and energy resource consumption may cause environmental impacts, and to control the risk of harm to set goals and targets, and the specific management scheme to improve the overall EHS performance and improve the quality of the environment, reduce the risk of post disaster.
In order to fulfill the aforementioned commitments, plastics industry will implement the following policies:
 In line with the government's environmental protection and health and safety regulations and other requirements, to prevent damage / impede healthy working conditions, and the implementation of health promotion activities to promote physical and mental health of Tongren, fulfill corporate social responsibility, to ensure the quality of environment.
 Popularize environmental / safety health and health education, provide time and resources, and consult employees or their representatives to participate in the implementation of the environment / safety and health management system.
 Adopt appropriate techniques for production or pollution control so as to make effective use of resources or reduce environmental impacts caused by product activities and services.
The appropriate risk control technology, to effectively reduce the risk of the closely connected.
 Establish a legal and effective environmental / safety and health management system to facilitate the implementation of environmental protection and safety activities.
  Through continuous audit activities and environmental / safety health management review, defects are identified and continuous improvement is carried out to improve environmental quality.
 Strengthen the interaction with employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and the outside world to jointly protect the environment and prevent occupational disasters.
For the former material or packaging materials, if they contain substances affecting the earth's environment and human, to take banned or restricted principles.