Social Responsibility Policy

Work safety first, environmental protection priority, labor and capital harmony, common prosperity and sharing
Plastic hair plastic industry is committed to providing staff safety, reasonable working environment and safeguard the interests of employees, fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise, in order to implement and ensure the social responsibility of plastic hair, hair plastic commitment to comply with national labor laws. Abide by the International Labour label. Comply with the SA8000 social responsibility management system, set up international standard of social responsibility management system and safeguard the rights and interests of the staff structure, and safety working environment.
The following standards of conduct will be followed in the manufacture, sale of related products and after-sales service to customers:
  1., comply with labor laws and other relevant government decrees and regulations, legal management, safeguard the rights and interests of employees.
  2. respect staff freedom, prohibit any form of forced labor, and do not accept compulsory labor from any supplier or subcontractor.
  3. provide safe and hygienic work and living conditions to ensure employee safety and health.
  4. providing an equal and equitable working environment and commitment to recruit and appoint measures against harassment or unlawful discrimination.
  5., employees have equal opportunities regardless of race, class, gender, age, marriage, physical and mental disorders, international religious beliefs and political orientation.
  6., respect for the basic human rights of employees, prohibit any form of insulting personality behavior.
  7. reasonable arrangement of production plan, reasonable arrangement of staff work time and rest, vacation.
  8. provide reasonable salary and benefits, at least to meet the basic needs of employees.
  9. respect staff, freedom of association and collective bargaining rights.
  10. provide appropriate education and training, and strive to enhance the skills and capabilities of employees in order to improve their social and economic status.
  11, the results of the work for all staff to work together to achieve, we are committed to share with employees, shareholders.
  12, build a harmonious company and participate in social care. Raise the level of culture.
In the course of providing our products or services, the plastics industry will also request support for the policy and code of conduct for plastic industry, and indeed abide by it.