Happiness begins with plastic

Happiness is a kind of polymer。
sufa,Happy copolymerization with you!

Because the pursuit of happiness, looking forward to happiness, sharing happiness, so the choice of plastic industry. Here you will seesufaPeople adhere to the "co prosperity, share" corporate culture, and strive to pursue the technical sophistication, manufacturing excellence, and customer service optimization. Join us, you will work with the industry elite, and through the complete learning development plan, give full play to your potential, and enjoy the whole salary is better than its peers, and explore multiple hair and pleasure of life, enjoy life and work balance.


The company adhere to the "integrity, sound professional management, the pursuit of excellence, service society" business philosophy, and the staff of continuous efforts, the pursuit of excellence in business performance, and the sound of sustainable development in recent years, but also show you a golden opportunity and professional potential. If you are interested in joiningsufa,OptionalRecruitment processsufaWeb pages, queries openrecruit,And send your resume via email directly on the website. Your resume and related data are only available to TaiwansufaWe will not disclose your above data unless you have agreed, authorized or otherwise legally required塑发For the use of third or other purposes. If you comply with no interest or specialty in open position, please get back to the query。

If you have any questions, please come to Contact us Leave your questions and contact information.
Welcome to join our companysufaA member of a large family。

Talent cultivation and development

sufaEducation and training with the external environment, the company operation policy, department performance goals and career development needs, education training system Gou Jianquan, to provide all-round talents training courses. For staff education and training, every year in the fourth quarter survey of staff training needs, training plan and budget of education budget, at the same time with the digital learning platform provides a pipeline of autonomous learning, regular staff function training, management training, lectures, seminars and lectures on health, enhance staff professional or managerial skills, balanced development of employees the soul。

In order to improve the quality of staff and overall competitiveness, curriculum diversification, in addition to teaching, according to the curriculum design activities, attribute case study or group discussion, make learning more vivid and lively, but also more effective; and the online e-Learning courses, more can let colleagues whenever and wherever possible effective learning activities, promote staff career development with the overall performance of synchronous lifting.

sufaThe training framework is composed of "on-the-job training" and "functional training" and "learning" and "learning four architecture composed of complete and systematic planning with career development training courses, education and training system and then extended to lifelong learning.


On-the-job training

Off duty training
Internal / external training


Self learning growth

Competent work instruction

Managerial literacy

Class training

Professional function training

Talent cultivation

Employee self study

The new arrival and certification programs

Video teaching platform

Software, hundred views, computer teaching

Chinese training

Readings, seminars

Lecture on body and mind health



We uphold and maintain the concept of shared profits to attract, retain, nurture and inspire talented people from all sides。sufaThe company offers a diversified and competitive salary system to share its successful performance with colleagues。

sufaFormal employees enjoy:

Fixed salary twelve months + Annual bonuses for 2 months

Special bonus at the end of the year: the company will determine the amount of bonus based on profitability, employee performance and organizational goals

Welfare measures:

A sound insurance plan

Statutory insurance and group insurance

Three cash gifts

Fake diligence system:

Well paid annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave and flexible holidays

Employee assistance program:

Annual staff health check and health care plan

Staff life and work consultation