Polycarbonate (PC) is a polymer containing carbonate group in molecular chain. It can be divided into aliphatic, aromatic, aliphatic aromatic and other types according to the structure of ester group. Because aliphatic and aliphatic aromatic polycarbonates have lower mechanical properties, they limit their application in engineering plastics.
At present, only aromatic polycarbonate has been industrialized production. As a result of the structural particularity of polycarbonate, it has become the fastest growing general engineering plastics in the five major engineering plastics. PC is used in optical lighting, for the manufacture of large lampshade, protective glass, optical instrument left and right eyepiece barrel, etc., can also be widely used in aircraft transparent materials. Polycarbonate electronics polycarbonate is excellent E (120 DEG C) level of insulation materials, insulation used in the manufacture of battery shell connectors, coil frame, pipe, insulation casing, telephone shell and parts, lamp etc.. It can also be used to make parts with high dimensional accuracy, such as optical disk, telephone, electronic computer, video recorder, telephone exchanger, signal relay and other communication equipment. Polycarbonate thin touch is also widely used as capacitors, insulation bags, tapes, color video tapes, etc.. Polycarbonate machinery is used to make all kinds of gears, rack, worm gear, worm, bearing, cam, bolt, lever, crankshaft, ratchet, and also some mechanical equipment, shell, cover and frame. Polycarbonate medical devices can be used for medical purposes as cups, tubes, bottles, as well as dental instruments, drug containers and surgical instruments, and can even be used as artificial organs such as artificial kidney and artificial lung. Other aspects of polycarbonate building used for double wall hollow steel plate, glass greenhouse, etc.; used as a textile bobbin, textile machine bearings in textile industry; daily aspects for bottles, tableware, toys, model, LED lamp shell and mobile phone shell etc..