PETG is a kind of transparent plastic paper plastic,is a kind of amorphous copolyester,PETG monomers 1,4-two methanol cyclohexane(CHDM),full name for polyethylene terephthalate-1,4-two methyl esters of cyclohexane.With its unique characteristics,the current global only the United States,Eastman,Korea SK two companies,technology is relatively mature.

  (1)plate,sheet forming method using conventional,transparent material can be prepared with the thickness of 1~25.4mm,has excellent toughness and high impact strength,its impact strength is 3~10 times of modified polyacrylate,cold bending forming performance is excellent,not white,no crack,easy printing and modification,application in the indoor and outdoor signs,storage shelves,vending machine panel,furniture,construction and mechanical baffle.PCTG cards are mainly used in Europe,but they are also used more and more in North America and asia.The reason is that it has a wide range of processing,high mechanical strength and excellent flexibility.Compared with PVC,it has high transparency,good gloss,easy printing,and environmental advantages.PETG materials are applied to credit cards.Visa,one of the world's largest credit card companies,issued 580 million cards worldwide in 1998.The company has approved glycol modified polyester(PETG)as its credit card material.For countries that require card material to be friendlier to the environment,PETG can be used instead of pvc.Visa also pointed out that results from 3 different test plants show that PETG meets all the requirements of the credit card international standard(150/IEC7810),so PETG cards may be widely used here.

  (2)profile forming pipe or a variety of profiles,the product of hard,transparent,gloss,compression is not white,easy molding and processing,to meet the requirements of environmental protection,at the same time with the United States FDA on food contact standard,widely used in building and decoration materials.Film:specially used in high performance shrinkage film,final shrinkage rate is more than 70%,can be made into a complex shape container packaging,plastic with high capacity,high transparency,high gloss,low haze,easy printing,not easy to fall off,storage of natural shrinkage rate are low,used in beverage bottles,food and;shrink label products Ling shrink packaging and electronic products etc..Biaxial tensile.PETG film is suitable for high quality packaging,printing,electronic appliances,cable insulation,insulation materials and other industrial high-quality substrate.One way stretched PET and heat shrinkable film is suitable for all kinds of cans,polyester bottles,containers and other external labels.Compared with PVC shrink film,PETG shrink film also has the advantages of environmental protection.Bottle:to improve the traditional polyester beverage bottle of low toughness,especially suitable for manufacturing large thick walled transparent container,highly transparent,not easy to break,easy surface modification,to the United States FDA on food contact standard,can be used in the fields of food and medical products.In the beer plastic packaging,EASTMAN company is the Asahi co production of new environmentally friendly plastic packaging of beer bottles,with Eastal copolyester film as sealing packaging materials,its appearance is black and silver with black hole in the neck ring sealing strip,block light,isolated air,ensure the quality of beer,and can prevent the explosion-proof function the debris scattered in the bottle rupture,shrinkage performance.Since the adoption of such packaging materials,Asahi Co Super,Dry and Dunk beer sales have increased substantially.

  (3)PETG cosmetics packaging transparent glass like and density close to the glass,good gloss,chemical corrosion resistance,impact resistance,and easy processing,to injection molding,injection stretch blow molding and extrusion blow molding.It also produces unique shapes,looks,and special effects,such as bright colors,matte,marble textures,metallic luster,etc..In addition,other polyester,elastic plastics or ABS can be used for overlapping injection molding.Products are perfume bottles and bottle,cosmetics bottles and bottle caps,lipstick tube,cosmetic box,deodorant packaging,bottle and cap liner powder etc..PETG injection products are medical devices such as filters,Eustachian tube,pipe connection,pump,and dialysis equipment clamp.Household utensils such as cups,salad bowl,salt,Hu Jiaoguan etc.,has excellent transparency,gloss,good toughness,processability and excellent color.