PES (polyether sulfone resin) is a transparent amber amorphous resin. It has excellent heat resistance, good dimensional stability, and good chemical resistance. In addition, PES shows excellent reliability for rapid temperature changes, and has good reliability in long-term use at high temperature. PES is widely used because of its excellent formability and excellent properties. The heat: the heat distortion temperature at 200 ~ 220 DEG C, continuous use temperature is 180 to 200 DEG UL DEG C temperature index 180.


Chemical resistance and thermal deformation

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Veradel PESU (polyether sulfone) has good chemical resistance and high thermal deformation temperature, and it is very suitable for food service applications. This resin is also an inherent flame retardant for electronic components and testing equipment 

main features

  • The thermal deformation temperature is 204 degree C (399 degree F)
    Good chemical resistance
    Excellent electrical performance

Typical application

  • Automotive lighting
    Electrical and electronic components
    Food and Beverages
    Low pressure water filtration membrane
    Food and beverage processing films
    Industrial filter membrane