Polyetheretherketone, referred to as PEEK, is a linear aromatic polymer compound with chain links in the main chain of molecules. Its constituent units are oxygen - phenylene - oxo - carbonyl - phenylene, which are semi crystalline and thermoplastic.


Not all PEEK are equal


PEEK is one of the best performance thermoplastics, second only to Su Wei's Torlon PAI. Its chemical resistance is similar to that of PPS (polyphenylene sulfide), but PEEK can operate at a higher temperature and maintain its excellent mechanical properties at a continuous temperature of up to 240 degrees C (464 F).

Select better performance

Not all commercial PEEK products have the same performance level. Due to Solvi's new polymer production technology, KetaSpire PEEK has unique performance advantages. According to grades, KetaSpire provides PEEK
Better fatigue resistance
Impact strength of 20%
Ductility increased by 60%


KetaSpire®product line

Solvi's KetaSpire PEEK product line includes:
Purity grade (lubrication and non lubrication)
Glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced grade (low and high melt flow)
Wear resistant SL class (lubrication and non lubrication)
Natural Toner (coarse, fine, superfine and ultra fine)
  • main features

    It has excellent chemical resistance to acids and bases
    At 250 degrees centigrade, it still has a high mechanical strength
    Very good wear resistance and wear resistance
    Low linear thermal expansion coefficient and high limit PV characteristics
    The best fatigue resistance of the same kind
    Excellent dimensional stability
    It has excellent water resistance in boiling water and superheated steam
    It has excellent dielectric properties and low loss at high temperature and high frequency
    Easy to process

    Typical application

    Aircraft connector
    Medical equipment
    Surgical instruments
    Oilfield equipment
    Sealing element
    Hydraulic components
    Thrust washer and bushing