PA66 (polyamide 66 or nylon 66) is more widely used in the automotive industry, instrument shells, and other products that require impact resistance and high strength than PA6, PA66. PA66 plastic material is translucent or opaque, milky white, or with yellow granular crystalline polymer, with plasticity. The density of 1.10-1.14 (g/cm3); tensile strength (MPa) 60. 0-80.0; Rockwell hardness 118; the melting point of 252 DEG C; embrittlement temperature -30; thermal decomposition temperature greater than 350 DEG C; continuous heat resistant 80-120 (kJ/m2) 60-100; impact strength; bending strength of 1 00-120 (MPa); Martin (C) 50-60; heat resistance the bending elastic modulus (MPa) of 2000 ~ 3000; volume resistivity (CM) 1.83 * 1015; balance absorption rate is 2.5%; a dielectric constant of 1.63.
Widely used in the manufacture of machinery, automobile, chemical and electrical apparatus parts, such as gear, pulley, roller, roller shaft, pump impeller, fan blades, high pressure sealing gasket, circumference, seat, bushing, handles, supporting frame, inner wire etc..