Polyetheretherketone, referred to as PEEK, is a linear aromatic polymer compound with chain links in the main chain of molecules. Its constituent units are oxygen - phenylene - oxo - carbonyl - phenylene, which are semi crystalline and thermoplastic.

High performance polymers consolidate their position

With its VESTAKEEP poly ether ether ether ether (PEEK) molding plastics, win further consolidate its leading position in the field of high-performance polymer technology. For us, PEEK is far more than one of a large number of products: it is an integral part of the long-term product portfolio strategy.

Proven quality management

VESTAKEEP ® PEEK compounds are particularly suitable for applications that must meet very high mechanical, thermal and chemical requirements. Product quality and accreditation are very important here. 

PEEK molded plastics can withstand the worst conditions


What makes VESTAKEEP ® PEEK  polymers so special?

These aromatic polyether ether molding compounds are suitable for the production of durable and durable components. Such components are used, for example, semiconductor production, petroleum exploration, automotive and aviation sectors, and medical applications.

Semi crystalline thermoplastic high performance polymer PEEK is characterized by the following material properties:

  • High radiation resistance
    High chemical resistance
    Very good wear resistance
    High wear resistance
    Water resistance
    Because of its low water absorption, it has high dimensional stability
    high heat resistance
    Very high thermal deformation temperature
    Inherent flame resistance
    High glass transition temperature
    High melting point temperature
    Long term stability of height
    High creep resistance
    Good electrical performance

If you are looking for a high temperature polymer as a metal substitute in a component that must withstand harsh environmental conditions, these properties make VESTAKEEP a material that you choose.

VESTAKEEP ® PEEK Superior to metal

VESTAKEEP ® PEEKIt is superior to metal by improving system durability and reducing component manufacturing cost. These advantages come from corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high rigidity and low weight material properties, as well as multifunctional machinability.

  • For example, the PEEK assembly resists corrosion caused by salts, solvents, corrosive agents, and many acids.
    High performance polymers can also reduce wear caused by slurry, particle impact and sliding friction.
    VESTAKEEP PEEK is harder and lighter than steel. Lightweight structural components help to save fuel, and allow the construction of more durable compressor parts, and provide more efficient engine designs for gears and impellers.
    The replacement of metal parts with VESTAKEEP PEEK reduces component costs due to improved durability, more effective processing methods, partial integration, and greater design freedom than machined metal components are possible.

Because of these characteristics, PEEK is developing rapidly to replace aluminum, titanium and steel in aircraft manufacturing. Bushings used in mining, pulp and paper industries are also made of high temperature polymers.

VESTAKEEP ® PEEK Better than other plastics

In all plastics, PEEK provides the best combination of inertia and heat resistance. Even after exposure to steam, ethylene oxide and gamma radiation for a long time, this high-performance polymer still retains its original properties. Very low levels of extractable compounds, degassing and contaminants make peek an excellent material for the production of MICROTEK chips from semiconductors. VESTAKEEP PEEK forming compounds are highly oxidative stable in melting, and can be used continuously at temperatures above 260 degrees centigrade.