PPSU is an amorphous thermal plastic with high transparency and high hydrolytic stability. The product can be subjected to repeated steam sterilization.


PPSU Name: polyphenylene sulfone (Polyphenylene sulfone resins) PPSU polyphenylene sulfone resin polysulfone (Polysulfone) is referred to as the PSF series of products. It is a new thermoplastic engineering plastic, which refers to the macromolecular compound containing sulfone group and aromatic core in the main chain.

Sulfone resin is mainly used for electronic and electrical appliances, food, dairy processing equipment and some daily necessities, automotive, aerospace, medical and industrial sectors, making various contactors, connectors, transformer insulation, silicon cap, insulation casing, coil skeleton, terminal, printed circuit board, sleeve, cover parts, and television systems capacitor film, brush holder, alkaline battery box, wire and cable coating. The sulfone resin can also be used as shielding element, electric gear, battery cover, inner and outer parts of aircraft, outer protective cover of spacecraft, camera baffle, lamp component and sensor. Instead of glass and stainless steel steam tray, coffee containers, microwave cooking, milk containers, milking machine parts, food and beverage dispenser. A surgical tray, spray, humidifier, dental equipment, flow controller and laboratory equipment for health and medical devices, a high bonding strength of the adhesive, as in chemical equipment and pump cover, protective layer, acid tower, nozzle, pipeline and valve vessel etc.. China's polysulfone resin is mainly used in medical equipment, food processing machinery, electronic instruments and textiles


Non enhancement stage

Grade Area Model Characteristic Purpose Product information[PDF]
Non enhancement stage BASF P 3010 MR Black material and demoulding optimization, non enhancement, medium viscosity injection molding grade, flame retardant and chemical resistance improvement. injection molding
Non enhancement stage BASF P3010 Film extrusion; blow molding; machining; extrusion; sheet extrusion; thermoforming; profile extrusion; injection molding Baby care / medical instruments / aircraft interiors
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