English Name: Polysulfone (PSU) polysulfone is amber transparent solid material, high hardness and impact strength, non-toxic, heat resistance, cold resistance, good aging resistance, can be used for a long time under -100--175 degrees. Specific gravity: 1.25-1.35 g / cubic centimeter molding shrinkage: 0.5-0.7% molding temperature: 290-350 DEG C, drying condition: 130-150 hours, 4 hours

PSU is widely used in electronic and electrical field, PSU can be used for making various contactors, connectors, transformer insulation, silicon cap, insulation casing, coil skeleton, terminal and collector ring and other electrical parts, printed circuit board, cover, sleeve, TV system components, capacitor film, the brush seat [1]? And alkaline storage battery box; in the automotive, aerospace, PSU can be used for the production of protective cover element, battery cover, gear, electric detonator, electronic ignition device, lamp parts, aircraft parts, aircraft parts and internal external space for external protective cover. Can also be used for PSU production lighting gear plate, an electric driving device, sensor, the world market for polysulfone demand production engine component continues to grow, mainly due to the release of this kind of polymer combustion heat less, smoke less, less toxic gas diffusion, fully meet the requirements of safety regulations in the kitchen; on the market, PSU can replace the glass and stainless steel products used in the manufacture of steam plate, coffee containers, microwave cooking, milk and agricultural product container, egg cookers and milking machine parts, food and beverage dispenser products etc.. PSU is a non-toxic product and can be used as an apparatus for repeated contact with food. As a new transparent material, PSU has better resistance to hot water and hydrolytic stability than any other thermoplastic, so it can be used to make coffee pots and so on. Connecting pipe for the fabrication of PSU for polyester glass fiber or glass fiber reinforced masonry surface, the outer tube inner tube of high strength, resistance to chemicals, a light pipe, and transparent, easy control, commonly used in the food industry and the production of light lamp; the health and medical devices, PSU can be used for the production of surgery, disc sprayer, humidifier, contact lens fixture, flow controller, instrument cover, dental equipment, liquid container, pacemaker, respirator and laboratory equipment etc..