Polyetherimide, Polyetherimide PEI[1], amber transparent solid, do not add any additives have low inherent flame retardancy and smoke, the oxygen index is 47%, combustion of UL94-V-0 grade, the density is 1.28~1.42g/cm3. PEI has a high temperature stability, even if it is non reinforced PEI, it still has good toughness and strength. Therefore, the use of PEI's superior thermal stability can be used to fabricate high temperature heat resistant devices. It has excellent mechanical properties, electrical insulation, radiation resistance, high and low temperature resistance and wear resistance, and can also be transmitted through microwave. PEI also has good flame retardancy, chemical resistance and electrical insulation characteristics. The glass transition temperature is very high, up to 215 degrees centigrade. PEI also has very low shrinkage and good mechanical properties. Adding glass fiber, carbon fiber or other fillers can improve the purpose of modification. It can also form heat-resistant polymer alloy with other engineering plastics, and can be used for a long time at the working temperature of -160 ~ 180 DEG C.
Because of its excellent comprehensive balance performance, PEI has been successfully applied to the industrial sectors such as electronics, electrical machinery and aviation, and is used as a metal substitute for traditional products and cultural daily necessities. Fabrication of fiber optic connectors using PEI instead of metal can optimize component structure, simplify manufacturing and assembly steps, and maintain more accurate dimensions. Used in the automotive field, such as sensor to produce high temperature connectors, high power lights and lights, control the external temperature of the automobile cabin (air temperature sensor) and the control of air and fuel mixture temperature sensor (effective combustion temperature sensor). Can also be used as ground glassjoint finestiller high vacuum pump impeller, high temperature lubricating oil erosion 180 degrees in the operation of the (socket), mirror - the anti fog lamp lighting.