E 2010

PES(polyether sulfone resin)is a transparent amber amorphous resin.It has excellent heat resistance,good dimensional stability,and good chemical resistance.In addition,PES shows excellent reliability for rapid temperature changes,and has good reliability in long-term use at high temperature.PES is widely used because of its excellent formability and excellent properties.The heat:the heat distortion temperature at 200~220 DEG C,continuous use temperature is 180 to 200 DEG UL DEG C temperature index 180.

PES electrical and electronic field

The use of PES to solder,good dimensional stability,resistance to various cleaning agents,inlaid metal,epoxy resin with good adhesion and other advantages,as class H insulation materials used in electronic and electrical field.The main products have developed a coil skeleton,potentiometer shell and base parts,hair dryer,insulator,printed circuit board,button switch,thyristor,power tools motor insulator,printer,blower,relay coil skeleton,DIP switch,various types of connectors etc..It can also be made into film of different thickness by extrusion molding,and it is used for various electronic equipment and electrical products.

PES mechanical field

Its high temperature creep resistance,dimensional stability,oil resistance,good toughness and other advantages,in the general resin can not meet the requirements of the place has been widely used.The main products have been developed by various machines,lever handle,bracket,X-ray device glass,chain saws,agricultural engine and carburetor etc.the heat insulator,piston ring,ball,gear,copier parts,camera parts,projector parts,with a hair dryer hood industry,automotive air conditioning parts,handle arc the torch,a variety of analytical instrument components etc..PES automotive field

It is mainly used in the temperature range of-100~190 degrees of hardness and dimensional stability,high temperature creep resistance,resistance to gasoline,diesel,various types of oil and other specialties.The developed products have all kinds of bearing cages,bearings of brake shaft,noise eliminator of ignitor,engine gear,coil frame of carburetor,reflector of fog lamp,thrust ring and so on.

PES hot water field

It can also maintain excellent creep resistance,rigidity and dimensional stability in hot water or steam at 160 degrees centigrade.The main products developed include valves for hot water and steam,insulators for anti corrosive electrodes,components for temperature sensors,pumps and impellers for various liquid and powder pumps,radiator valves,and parts for ultra filtration units.

PES appliances and machinery

Medical equipment,food processing machinery field

The main advantage of its can be used in steam sterilization,dry(180 C)V ray sterilization,sterilization sterilization disinfection,but also characteristics of resistance to repeated disinfection.The main products developed include contact lens sterilizers,dental drill handles,surgical containers,syringes,valves and tubes for food industry.